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NDC flagbearer hopefuls cautioned against backbiting antics



Members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) who have the ambition to contest as the flag bearer race for the party aside the  former president John Damani Mahama ahead of the 2024 elections cautioned against backbiting to ensure that, the party realized its dream of making the victory of the upcoming Presidential and parliamentary elections a mere formality
Mr. Agbenya Precious,  political activist and a member of the opposition NDC, stated that, the party can not disappoint their teaming supporters and Ghanaians in general to rescue them from the current hardships they are going through under the current Nana Addo/Bawumia administration.
He said the party needs unity at this crucial time to enable them win power in the 2024 election, and for that matter, would not entertain anybody whose actions and inactions that seems to cause the NDC in the 2024 elections.
He stressed that, nobody would stop anyone with the ambition from contesting  the former President John Mahama, but may not allow anyone who has the agenda of bringing division in the front line of the party for selfish interest.
He stated the NDC especially the youth want power, hence anyone who is aware  he/she mag not help to win power come 2024, should better stay off to make way for  those who are ready to help John Dramani Mahama and  and his running mate on board with the sole mission of capturing power in 2024.
He was of the view that, the destiny of the country is in the hands of the NDC as the  party stands tall in changing the  lives of the citizenry and transforming the fortunes of the country, and for that matter, those unethically started at  the early stage in personal attacks on John Dramani Mahama should better put a stop to it for their own good and for the sake of the unity and forward match of the party for victory in 2024.

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