NDC’s Nat Andoh Advocates for Religious Leaders Speaking Truth to Power



Nat Andoh, NDC TEIN President of Takoradi Technical University recently emphasized the vital role of religious leaders in today’s political landscape.

During a compelling episode of “Pearl of Islam” on Takoradi’s base Premier FM, Andoh passionately advocated for religious leaders to speak truth to power.

Andoh highlighted that religious teachings provide a strong moral compass, guiding leaders towards principles of compassion, honesty, and accountability. He urged religious leaders not to shy away from confronting those in positions of power, emphasizing their responsibility to champion the rights of the marginalized and foster social cohesion.

In his passionate plea, Andoh called upon religious leaders to utilize their influence and platforms to advocate for social justice, unity, and the common good. He emphasized that by speaking truth to power, religious leaders have the power to shape a political landscape that embodies fairness, compassion, and integrity.

Source:Broadcaster GH.com

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