NEIP launches Maiden Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week



The National Entrepreneurship and lnnovation Programme is a Government of Ghana special purpose vehicle for providing integrated national support for startups and small businesses in the country.

At a press launch today at the Susana Lodge in Accra, the Chief Executive Officer of NEIP Mr. Kofi Ofosu Nkansah hinted that the NEIP is mandated to serve as a leading enabler for startups and Innovation in Ghana.

The CEO said the agency have developed a five – year strategic plan and this plan outlines NEIP”s focus on being the enabler for Innovation, startups, and entrepreneurship in Ghana.

The Innovation and startups ecosystem is significantly different from the. MSME ecosystem, requiring impact in the Innovation space.

Hence, the need for more focus on Innovation, going forward, which is why NEIP will be undertaking the strategies and tactics below : Our Strategies and tactics on Innovation programme.

We will devote significant resources to programmes that unearth Innovations, and deliver mentoring and coaching to high Innovation based startups we will provide direct and indirect funding support to third party institutions such as tech- hubs, incubators, accelerators, and other business development service providers,who provide business support for Innovation based startups.

We will establish knowledge transfer partnership schemes by placing young people into Innovation based startups clusters for them to conduct strategic Innovation projects.

Ghanaians are culturally not inclined to partner others for collaboration and synergies, so this one of the ways we hope to address this issue.

The agency will scout for Innovation Ideas through contests, challenges, competitions in partnership with corporate institutions and foundations, offer study tours to both local and international incubators and Hubs, and promote online entrepreneurship and innovation courses.

We will organise competitions aimed at encouraging Innovation and creative thinking among students.

Embark on annual innovation, ideation and creative thinking scouting in various districts to hunt for Innovation based star-tups and innovation talents.

The NEIP Innovation and Entrepreneurship Celebration is a platform that will bring together the brightest minds, innovative Ideas, and various opportunities that lie within our Innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem as part of efforts to encourage creativity and innovation.

This will include many engaging programs and initiatives designed to inspire, educate, and connect aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs with the resources they need to grow.

Throughout these celebrations , participants will have the chance to take part in interactive workshops, engaging panel discussions, and thought provoking keynotes delivered by industry leaders and experts.

The agency will also get the opportunity to sharpen their skills, broaden their horizons, and gain valuable insights into various facets of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The CEO mentioned that the programmes outlined for the innovation celebrations will include the following, Senior High School Innovation Challenge;.

The SHS Innovation Challenge is a very competition that will bring together students from second cycle schools across the country.

He further said that, the event will be organized on zonal basis, with schools from various zones participating in series of innovation challenges.

The Challenge will encourage students to develop innovative solutions to real world problems, enhancing their critical thinking abilities and nurturing their entrepreneurial mindset.

That the schools which present the most innovative ideas and make it to the finals will be given awards and will get support from NEIP to commercialise their ideas and solutions.


The symposium will host stakeholders from academia, Innovation space, investors, entrepreneurs and policy makers and others from the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The summit will host keynote speakers who will be speaking on topics relating to Innovation, Intellectual property, Licensing and Patenting of inventions, Copyrights, Innovation Regulations, Innovation commercialization and among others.

He said, the event for participants is to engage collaboratively, using Technology over a short period of time to produce solutions for sector specific problems. Participants will showcase their ideas in front of a distinguished panel of judges and potential investors.


This competition will not only foster competitive spirit in participants but will also provide invaluable exposure and networking opportunities that can transform Ideas into thriving businesses.

Mr. Nkansah was optimistic that this will be a vibrant marketplace where innovators and entrepreneurs can exhibit their innovative products and services.

The fair will be showcase some of the innovative products and services from NEIP beneficiaries.

He call on the entire Innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem to join hands with us, as we pursue our Innovation management programmes.

This, in the end, will spur the growth of the private sector and translate into more jobs being created for the youth. After all the most successful companies, are usually the most innovative companies.

According to the Chief Executive Officer, his hope is to see Ghana’s Innovators filling patents at WIPO, as the China’s and Japan’s do, as result of these programmes we will be undertaking by our agency….. Story by Bugbila Moadow.

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