Ngyinamoabakam Toilet Project Delays with no sense of urgency



The Ngyinamoabakam toilet project has faced delays and lack of urgency despite pleas from the locals and media attention.
Lawyer Armah Blay, the NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Sekondi Constituency, pledged to help complete the project by the end of 2023, but encountered obstacles from the incumbent MP and the Assembly.

Following pressure from Lawyer Blay, the project began in early August after the ultimatum set for July 31. However, progress has been slow and lacks urgency.

Lawyer Blay is committed to using his influence to ensure the project’s completion. He also aims to address developmental issues in the area if elected.
The people of Ngyinamoabakam can have confidence in Lawyer Armah Blay and the NDC’s efforts.

By: Abraham Dadzie

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