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NPP -Ashanti engaging in ballot stuffing-NDC hints



National Democratic Congress,ASHANTI REGION

Around 10am this morning, Ashanti NDC uncovered a plot by the Npp to engage in ballot stuffing after 2pm,having realized the voting process thus far is not in their favour.

These ballot papers have already been validated with certified Ec stamps.It has also been thumb printed already for President Akufo Addo.

Two blue and Silver SUV vehicles are picking them from Georgia and True Vine hotels and distributing them to the various constituencies.

Just this afternoon around 12pm,a young man was seized at Roman Catholic polling station in EJISU Constituency with 5 already thumb printed ballot papers for President Akufo Addo with a valid Ec stamp at the back heading towards the polling station to dump them in the ballot box.

We have handed him over to the police.

And we are by this medium urging the good people of the Ashanti Region to be vigilant and confront suspicious persons and vehicles in and around the various polling stations.

We urge our agents to be extra vigilant so as to pre empt such operations.

The evidence are presented below.

Abass Nurudeen

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