NPP Flagbearer Race: Kwadaso Delegates Endorse Dr Akoto



NPP delegates in Kwadaso Constituency in the Ashanti Region have officially declared their support for Dr Owusu Afriyie Akoto,NPP Flagbearer Aspirant ahead of the flagbearership race.

In a press conference today,the delegates, comprising of Council of Elders, Constituency Executives, Polling Station Executives ,all of Kwadaso made the declaration.

According to them,the motive behind the press conference was to openly declare their unflinching support for Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto , former Agric Minister,who has been their man and a leader and has served as the former Member of Parliament for two consecutive terms in their noble constituency.

They said Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto was the Member of Parliament for Kwadaso from 2008 to 2016 respectively. During his tenure, he embarked on numerous developmental projects and worked assiduously with everyone in the constituency irrespective of their age, class and background.

He discharged his duties with passion, respect, commitment, loyalty and selflessness without any hesitation.

His competence and determination to serve his people was extremely impressive.

He is one of our own and cannot deny him but to rally our support behind him at this point of his presidential ambition.

“We want to highlight a few but crucial achievements of Dr. Akoto as a member of parliament between 2009 – 2016 in Kwadaso Constituency according to electoral areas within the various communities;

• 2 Unit Classroom Block for Nyankyerenease Methodist Primary
• 2 Unit Classroom Block for Apatrapa JHS-Ongoing
• 2 Semi-Detached Bungalows for Health workers at Apatrapa Hospital

• 12 Unit Classroom Block-Ongoing.
• APIRE-Nwamase Road-Resurfacing
• Terminal Shed

• Mechanized Boreholes
• Rehabilitation of Asuoyeboah JHS
• 100 Bags Of Cement For Police Post
• 100s of Street Lights for IPT

• 1 Classroom Block & Office for SDA School
• Ongoing construction of Edwenase Health Center

• 3 Unit Classroom Block & Office Rehabilitation of M/A Primary School
• 3 Unit Classroom Block & Office Rehabilitation of Prempeh College Experimental School
• 3 Unit Classroom Office & Store Block for 4BN Basic School

• Roofing Sheets (3,000.00 cedis) for Kwadaso Mosque
• Muslim Casket for Kwadaso Mosque
• 100 Tables and Chairs for Kwadaso Technical Institute
• Mechanized Boreholes
• Resurfacing of Township Branch Roads
• 200 Dual Seat Classroom Desks for Kwadaso-Asuoyeboah SDA primary

• 20 sets of Computers for Ohwimase-Beposo JHS
• Ongoing construction of ICT Center for Ohwimase Beposo JHS
• 20 Pieces of Computer Desks for Ohwimase-Beposo JHS

• Construction of a 3 Unit Classroom Block
• Equipments for KMA built Clinic

• Ongoing construction of 18 Seater Toilet Facility
• Mechanized Boreholes
• Resurfacing of Nzima Road

• Construction of a 3 Unit Classroom Block for Anglican JHS

• Ongoing construction of a 2 Unit Classroom & Office for Presby JHS
• Rehabilitation of Takyiman-Tanoso Road & Bridge
• 100 Pieces of Dual School Desk for Takyiman Presby JHS
• 10 Bags of Cement & One and Half Packet Roofing Sheets for Denkyemuoso
• 20 Pieces of Computer Desk to Denkyemuoso JHS

• Yaa Asantewaa SHS Dormitory Block
• 20 sets of Computers for M/A JHS
• ICT center
• Reshaping of Tanoso-Topre Road


• 3 year scholarships for 16 students of Methodist Women’s Training School
• Scholarships for over 700 brilliant but needy students
• 42,000 Teak seedlings planted in various Basic schools across the constituency
• Rehabilitation of Selected Roads Within the Constituency
• Paid NHIS Premium for 450 pensioners and physically-challenged
• Special scholarship for science students


He lobbied for the following projects for Kwadaso constituency during his tenure as the minister for Food and Agriculture;

• The first ever Creative Arts School in Ghana
• Kwadaso Municipal
• Renovation of Methodist Technical Institute
• Conversation of the University of Education, Winneba – Kumasi campus into an autonomous University; Akenten Appiah Minka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurship Development(AAMUSTED)
• Construction of inner town roads at Asuoyeboah, Kwadaso North, amongst others.
• Conversion of the Kwadaso Agric College into an Agric University in partnership with Mendel University of Czech Republic.”They indicated.

“Having listed his enormous achievements in the constituency clearly demonstrates that Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto is a man of vision, ideas, competence and integrity and can solve our problems when giving the opportunity to lead the NPP and Ghana.


Personally, he is an academia and an accomplished Agricultural Economist of international repute.
On the national scene, his tenure as a Minister for Food and Agriculture has seen great strides and pragmatic policies on the agriculture sector resulting in revamping the cocoa sector for Ghana to recapture its pride of place as the world leading producer of cocoa.

Under his leadership, not only the cocoa sector has resumed its shine and sheen, but the entire Agriculture sector has been revitalized with massive importation of agriculture machinery and promotion of non traditional food and cash crops.

It is worthy to mention that, even in the face of the world economic and food crises, Ghana for the first time was not only self-sufficient, but had the audacity to cut food and poultry import.
These are Solid achievements that positively affect the lives and the economy of Ghana

As it stands now, through his efforts and laudable initiatives all cocoa farmers in Ghana are going to be put into pension scheme called CFPS( Cocoa Farmers Pension Scheme).

Planting for Food and Jobs was a mega policies that helped Ghana to achieve food stability and growth.


Among all the presidential aspirants thriving to lead the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, has vision for establishing business that is aimed at providing financial resources to the party to make it more robust to thrive in a globally competitive environment which of course is very laudable if he is given the mandate to lead the party.

According to Dr. Akoto, the business for the party involves setting of a chain of party-owned businesses at national, regional, and constituency levels to be managed by a holding company.

These businesses emphasized by Dr. Akoto will generate revenue to run the party as well as provide gainful employment opportunities for its members to alleviate their plight.

The strategy of the business is to ‘Linking party to Government’, which we the good people of Kwadaso Constituency think is the best sustainable means of effectively manage the party at all levels. Based on his international experience, he has realized that, a lot of political parties in some developed countries have done and achieved extraordinary results to help sustain their party and economy. Political parties like the Kuomintang (KMT) or Nationalist Party of Taiwan, ANC in South Africa, RPF in Rwanda, amongst others are typical examples.


Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto’s vision for Ghana is unprecedented and unmatched. He wants to use his brain child initiative such as Tree Crop Development authority, Poultry Development Authority and Horticulture Development Authority to generate an amount worth $ 10 – $20 billion annually for the country. The vision can only be actualized by prioritizing agriculture for the growth of the economy of Ghana. With this vision, Ghana will be free from economic slavery and Ghana will gain economic independence and will not go to International Monetary Fund (IMF) again.

It is only Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto who has a big vision and ideas to revive the current state of the party and the economy through the prioritization of Agriculture.

We are by this statement pleading and appealing to all the National Executives, Regional Executives, Members of Parliament, National, Regional and Constituency Council of Elders and Patrons, Constituency Executives, Electoral Area Coordinators and Polling Station Executives of our party that, as we have thrown our utmost support behind Dr. Akoto to become the next flagbearer of our party, you should also accept his message and vision and vote massively for him. Please vote Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto for him to use his ideas, experience gained over the years through his agricultural background to lead us to break the eight (8).”It concluded.

Source:Broadcastergh.com/Ayisah Foster

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