NPP should be ‘super remorseful’ for messing up the economy – Fifi Kwetey



The General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, has criticized President Akufo-Addo’s administration for mismanaging the economy.

Mr Kwetey acknowledged the challenges the country faced under the NDC administration but emphasised that the incumbent government inherited a strong foundation and should have built on it.

Speaking to JoyNews on Thursday, November 23, the NDC General Secretary stated that he was expecting the government to apologize to Ghanaians for plunging the country into the current economic turmoil.

“I was expecting the Finance Minister, the Vice President Bawumia, the president if anything at all, they should be super remorseful, they should be penitent, they should constantly be pleading with the people of Ghana to forgive them for supervising this absolutely abysmal situation the country has been plunged into.”

Mr Kwetey noted that the current economic situation has eroded hope among the Ghanaian people, underscoring the financial hardship faced by those who have diligently worked, and are now relying on pensions, coupled with the government’s failure to fulfill its promises.

He emphasised that the adverse situation imposed on Ghanaians by the NPP government is not something they should take pride in or boast about.

“But we are talking about people who feel this game is all about politics, and politics is about why all these things are happening because all these problems are just narrated.”

Mr Kwetey maintained that it is regrettable the country is grappling with the current economic situation, emphasising that the economy was thriving under the NDC government despite the minor challenges they encountered.

“In spite of all the difficulties, we still had an economy that foreign investors had a lot of confidence in it. Despite the difficulty ‘dumsor’ brought, we [NDC] were finishing 2016 with an economy – even though our friends [NPP] who came into office created an impression of such a bad economy.

“In truth, it was an economy that anyone would be happy to inherit because the foundations were strong enough for you to be able to accelerate,” he said.

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