NPP will be rewarded for their tremendous performance in election 2024-W/N Regional Research Officer



The Western North Regional Research and Electoral officer for the ruling New Patriotic Party, Mr Samuel Danso Abiam, has said the party will be rewarded decently by the people within the region come December 7th polls for their outstanding and monumental achievements.


He said the creation of the region has lesser the overwhelming burdens on the residents who had to travel to Takoradi for documentations. Adding the decentralised system has been smoother and brought a lot of development to the other communities within the region.

The insightful politician declared that there is no doubt the Npp will be ahead of its opponent in the polls, challenging the NDC to tell Ghanaians a major accomplishment for the region, despite having numerous supporters there.

In relation to the ongoing Voter transfer exercise, he stated that it has been going well, and any difficulties in certain areas have been dealt with.

He commended the regional security council for the swift actions to resolve such issues amicably.

He quashed the allegations of using the state machineries to fight the NDC supporters, urging the public to treat such information as a hoax.

We aren’t using state machineries to intimidate anyone. The NDC rather started the said violence against our candidates, so let’s treat the said info as a hoax. We must all follow the what the laws say. I will urge them to read the CI 127 to guide them, if they want to act,” he noted.

Mr. Abiaw emphasized that the EC is not showing favoritism towards the Npp, despite the assertions of the NDC and its backers.

“The EC is not in favor of anyone, so far the exercise has been smooth, and we want to call on and sundry to support the NPP win come December 7, to continue the good jobs we are doing for the country,” he concluded.

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