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On Construction Of New Parliamentary Chamber, Razak Kojo Opoku writes

 Mr. Kojo Opoku Razak, founder and leader of Concerned Voters Movement has expressed his concern about the construction of new Parliamentary Chamber for the country.He asked that, $200million for the Construction of 450-seater new Parliamentary chamber? This money can be use to:1.Support One District One Factory Policy 2. Build more SHS Schools and expand infrastructure at the Universities to absorb the first batch of Free SHS Graduates in 2020. 3. Support the NEIP, NABCO etc. Programmes 4. Support One Village One Dam Policy We need to review our decisions which have the potential to destroy the 2016 goodwill.  450-seater Chamber can cost the NPP in 2020 if the Parliamentary leadership refuse to listen to the voice of Ghanaians.  Majority of Ghanaians including myself are very upset with this 450-seater Parliamentary Chamber. Even 275 MPs are more than enough for Ghana. We are going into a crucial 2020 general elections, and all that our Parliamentary leadership want to tell us is a 450-seater Parliamentary Chamber?  How many votes will this project attract to the NPP Government? Source /Ayisah Foster 

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