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The Ghana National Association Of Authors and Publishers has made it clear that one student per a laptop policy by the Vice President ,Dr Mammud Bawumia though a good policy it implementation will be unachievable without the involvement of Authors and Publishers.

Mr John Akwasi Amponsah , National President of the Association disclosed in an interview with the Media yesterday that ,the policy which is better because of technology has a serious health implications among users.

According to him,as stakeholders who write and publish books for public consumption there’s the need for broader consultation from their outfit for them also to probably give their opinions about the implementation of the intended policy.

He said,the policy can never see light without the concerns of writers and Publishers .

He was of the view that government doesn’t write books for students and pupils.

It is the sole responsibility of Writers and Publishers so what they know is that for electronic publication to be fruitful, writers and Publishers must first of all do the writings alongside the publishing and then convert the work into PDF form for electronic consumption.

He said, the PDF version has ATML features that will aide students have access to the needed subjects with the help of their mobile phones and laptops.

He hinted that, the intended policy has both positive and negative effects.

Highlighting on the positive effects, Mr John Akwasi Amponsah indicated that ,the policy will help students during vacation because the students can learn virtually with the help of their electronic devices without the formal classroom instructions.

Again, because of the portability of the mobile phones with the electronic version of the books instored on their mobile phones they stand to learn at any point they wish without any blemish .

Unfortunately, Mr John Akwasi Amponsah revealed that those who introduced Electronic learning in France has encounted serious problem which wouldn’t be different from that of Ghana especially when Basic Schools are involved.

He said,most of the pupils in France have started using spectacles because of the over dependency on the use of electronic gadgets for learning.

Research according to him has it that, electronic gadgets when introduced to children at K.G, and from Class one to three has serious health implications among users.

Again,the pedagogy, which is the method for teaching and learning in the classroom require pupils to do exercises inside their text books (Penmanship or motor skills) to enhance writing skills so writing skills is not possible with the introduction of electronic learning at the Basic level which has it own negative implications.

As an association, they are therefore calling on the vice President to re-consider it policy by going hand in hand with the use of printed books and that of the electronic versions for teaching and learning.

Source: Ayisah Foster





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