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Political Scam: Gyataba Attacks Akufo-Addo For Deceiving Asantehene

President of Concerned Youth Of Asante,Nana Agyenim Boateng has criticised the NPP led  Nana Addo  government for neglecting the good people of Asante when it comes to development.
The group is not happy as to why most of the developmental projects which were started by former president John Dramani Mahama have all been abandoned in the region.
Speaking at a press conference today,Nana Agyenim Boateng maintained that ,NPP and Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo have never considered the plight of Asanteman when it comes to providing physical developmental Projects in this country.
He however  warned President Akufo-Addo to be mindful about the way he treats the OVERLORD OF ASANTE, Otumfour Osei Tutu II in executing his administrative work.
Adding that  OTUMFOUR OSEI TUTU II can’t be taken  for granted.
According to Nana Agyenim Boateng,it is unfortunate that President Akufo Addo has nothing substantial to show for the 5 years he has been in office in the Ashanti region which has largely been described as the Political stronghold of the New Patriotic Party.
In the run-up to the 2020 elections,President Akufo Addo,in his desperation for re- election,purported to have cut sod for the commencement of the Boankra Inland Port and the 83.5 kilometer  standard gauge railway line from Kumasi to Obuasi.
This has turned out to be one of the greatest Political deceptions of the 21st century,as there is nothing to show at these sites almost one year down the line.
“We expect President Akufo Addo to offer an unqualified apology to the Asantehene,Otumfuo Osei Tutu in particular and the inhabitants of the Ashanti region for this great deception.
We are also asking Nana Addo  when he will invite Otumfour Osei Tutu II to commission projects in the region because what we always see is breaking grounds for project construction and have never seen commissiong of projects in the region.
Also,Ashanti Region,as Ghana’s center of commence,continue to reel under the  incompetent economic management of the Akufo Addo-Bawumia government occasioned by the recent introduction of killer taxes,unannounced increase in the prices of petroleum products,steep depreciation of the cedi and the closure of land borders with neighboring countries.
These factors have conspired to raise the standard of living to unacceptable levels in the region and also create an unfavorable business environment leading to several Ashanti businesses either folding up or almost on the brink of collapse.
The poultry industry in the Ashanti Region has been brought to its knees owing to the shortage of Maize which is a key ingredient in the preparation of poultry feed.The good people of Ashanti Region want to know what has become of the much touted “Planting For Food And Jobs” policy,which was supposed to boost the production of cereals of which Maize is an integral Part.
Also Mr.President,small scale miners in the Ashanti Region want to know why your party people continue to engage in illegal Galamsey activities in furtherance of the “Party hia sika agenda” whilst they have been asked to stop all mining related activities,notwithstanding the fact they have legal authorization so to do.
I was sad when I saw uncontrollable illegal mining activities ongoing  at Manso in the Amansie West District  when I attended a friend’s father’s funeral  not long ago.He noted.
“Let me officially tell you today that alot of developmental projects that  former President John Mahama started in the Ashanti region have all been abandoned.
I personally toured various project sites by President JDM  few weeks  ago and let me be frank with you I wept upon seeing that all the projects started by President Mahama in the Ashanti Region have been left to rot by the wicked Nana Addo led government.
Before I mention some of the abandoned projects by the Nana Addo  led government in the Ashanti region ,let me first of all congratulate Former President John Dramani Mahama for his unmatched developmental track record he fetched for Asanteman in his only four years in government.
 List of JM projects in the Ashanti Region
1.Tafo market
2. Kejetia market
3. Asawase market
4. Atonsu market
5. Sewua hospital
6. Afari military hospital
7. Fomena hospital
8. Bekwai hospital
9. Asawase roads
10. Suame roads
11. Tafo roads
12. Kenyasi roads
13. High school junction to Gyinase roads
14. Bomso to high school roads
15. Kotei to Ayeduase to Campus(KNUST) roads
16. Emena to Boadi roads
17. Apromase to Ejisu roads
18. Bonwire junction to Bonwire roads
19. Aprade to Parkoso roads
20. Tikrom Baworo to Antoa roads
21. Bekwai town roads
22. New Edubiase town roads
23. Bomfa junction to Asiwa roads
24. Bekwai to Asiwa roads
25. Kumawu to Drobonso roads
26. Tepa Manfo to Subriso to Fanti roads
27. Parkoso community Day School
28. Agric Nzema community Day school
29. Banka community day school
30. Adobewura community day school
31. Adugyama community day school
32. Drobonso community day school
33. Bosomtwe Oyoko community day school
34. Kwabenakwakrom/obuasi community day school
35. Asuoso/Offinso community day school
36. Adansi Fumso community day school
37. Adansi Apagya community day school
38. Tepa Manfo community day school
39. Ejura community day school
40. Kumawu Hospital
41. Tepa hospital
42. Konongo hospital
43. Kumawu water supply
44. Konongo water supply.
Now to the abandoned projects.
Let me tell you that, Sekyere Kumawu District Hospital has been abandoned.
Again,Adansi-Apagya community day school which was almost complete has been abandoned.
We cannot forget about the Fomena Hospital,Adansi-Fumso Community day school,Sewua government hospital  and the Tepa government hospital.
These hospitals have been abandoned yet the president has the nerves to break grounds for the so-called “Agenda 111” hospital projects , to me is a scam.
We expect President Akufo Addo to tell the whole world why he has abandoned these hospital projects at the time the people are seeking quality Healthcare and how he has used the over 300billion  borrowed so far to impact the lives of the people in the Ashanti region.
I was happy to see our own younger  brothers and sisters receiving formal education in the completed E-Block Community day schools  constructed by John Dramani Mahama when I personally visited Agric-Nzema Community day in the Kwadaso Municipality.
I had the same feelings when I got to  Adobewora in the Atwima Mponua District and that of Adugyama Community day school in the Ahafo Ano South -East District all in the Ashanti region.
We are  challenging Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo to list projects he has done in the Ashanti region for his five years as president of this country.
We hope and pray President Akufo Addo will provide answers to these pertinent issues.”He concluded.

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