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Probe finance ministry on use of $560m world Bank COVID -19 Support-ASEPA TO SP



ASEPA has today petitioned the Special Prosecutor to probe Government on the use of a $560Million support for it’s COVID relief programs.

This comes at the back of the recent revelation by the World bank that it provided a whopping $430Million to Government to fight COVID and an additional $130Million to procure vaccines.

Among other things ASEPA wants the OSP to probe how these funds were disbursed and applied.
ASEPA wants the OSP to also probe the application of the $1billion support from the IMF and also the use of the proceeds from the Heritage Funds that was used to fight COVID.

A probe into how the Obatampa Covid-19 Loans were disbursed by the NBSSI is also on the list of the many initiatives such as Free Water and Free Electricity programs which ASEPA wants the Special Prosecutor to investigate.

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director,ASEPA

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