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Produce problem-solving graduates-Otumfuo to government


THE ASANTEHENE, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has called on government to ensure that Ghana’s education system is able to churn out graduates who can solve societal problems instead of those who only boast of paper qualification.

Speaking at the 6th Quadrennial and 53rd National Delegates Conference of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) in Kumasi on Monday, he said there was the need for stakeholders in the education sector to chart a new path that could produce creators and inventors for Ghana’s growth.

According to him, Ghana’s current educational system has failed the country because of its substandard nature.

He, therefore, called for a system that could inspire innovation and creativity.

“In the new digital age, Asia is out there competing with the West for global economic superiority. They have done this through the educational system designed to stimulate creativity and innovation to produce creators and inventors,” the Asantehene noted.

“By contrast, our educational system has turned us into a vastly expanding market of consumers of other peoples’ creations. But while the economies of Asia is expanding, generating billions from their creations and inventions, we are putting pressure on ourselves to find resources to consume what others have created. This conference is the first opportunity for our teachers to confront the challenges being posed and pain as it may be to seek how to work together to chart a new path.”

Additionally, he said, “A number of the challenge is to change from the educational system of …consumers to a system focused on creativity and innovation; a system that will produce inventors and creators so our nation too can find its proper place in this age of science and technology.”

Students Falling Victim

The Asantehene continued that students most often suffered from industrial actions that arose as a result of disagreements between teacher unions and the government.

Calling on the government and stakeholders to improve their negotiations to stop the growing threats, he stated, “It does really get disconcerting when industrial relation breakdown in education and teachers abandon their classrooms and lecture halls. Obviously, those who really suffer in this are the innocent children. The distress caused to the poor students in any industrial action is incalculable.

“I’m pleased to see that both the Ministers of Education and the Employment and Labour Relations are scheduled to participate at this conference.”


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