Prove your relevancy and create networks before the end of 2023/2024 Service Personnel – Chief Nurudeen to Personnel



A youth activist and former chief of the Tamale Technical University, Nurudeen Ibrahim has advised the newly posted National Service Personnel to prove themselves and network before completing the mandatory service.

According to him, a successful University graduate who fail to network and prove relevancy at the period of the national service would find it elusive in acquiring a job.

In an interaction with hundreds of service personnel at a get together in Tamale over the weekend, he urged the personnel to eschew laziness and improve the productivity at their respective agencies.

“There are jobs out there but the competition is not easy, you need to position yourself very well during the period of your service to the nation, study the mission and vision of the agency you have been posted to and deliver in accordance with respect and focus, you need to network within and outside during this period because you wouldn’t know who will be of help to you after the service”.

He advised the personnel not to interfere or involve themselves in any internal matters at the work place, and considerate on their tasked responsibilities.

Chief Nurudeen used the engagement in wishing all service personnel in the country especially those in Tamale Metro best of luck, job opportunities, God’s guidance and accident free during and after the 2023/2024 National Service.

He further admonished service personnel in the Tamale Metro and other places to contact him for free career guidance, councelling and issues that might be bordering them.

In his level 200 at the University, chief Nurudeen was the Organising secretary for the Media and Communication Department.

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