Rally Behind Lawyer Kwabena Boateng for Victory in Ejisu-NPP Man Appeals 



As the political landscape in Ejisu Constituency heats up ahead of the upcoming by-election, it’s essential to address the simmering discontent and divisions within our party ranks. The journey to this pivotal moment has been marred by irregularities and grievances that cannot be ignored. From the onset of the New Patriotic Party’s internal elections, concerns were raised about the fairness and transparency of the process. In Ejisu, like in many parts of the country, these concerns escalated into demonstrations, petitions, and even legal battles as the party leadership seemingly turned a blind eye to our grievances.

The consequences of this neglect are now glaringly evident as we stand on the brink of a potentially divisive election. The seeds of discord sown during the internal party elections threaten to undermine our collective efforts and jeopardize the prospects of victory in Ejisu. However, amidst the disillusionment and frustration, there remains a glimmer of hope—a chance for redemption and renewal.

I appeal to all aggrieved party members to set aside their grievances and unite behind our duly elected candidate, Lawyer Kwabena Boateng. Despite the shortcomings of our party leadership in addressing the concerns of Ejisu constituents, we cannot afford to dwell on past injustices. Our focus must now shift towards securing victory in the upcoming by-election, for the sake of our party and the people we serve.

It is time for us to demonstrate the resilience and fortitude that define our party’s spirit. Let us channel our frustrations into constructive action, rallying behind Lawyer Kwabena Boateng with unwavering support and determination. Our unity is our greatest strength, and it is only by standing together that we can overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

As a true party person, I implore each and every one of you to heed this call to unity. Let us rise above the divisions of the past and forge a path forward, united in our commitment to securing victory for the New Patriotic Party in Ejisu. The stakes are high, but with your support, we can prevail.

Together, let us reclaim our strength, our dignity, and our rightful place as the champions of Ejisu. The time for unity is now, and our success depends on each and every one of us answering this call.

In solidarity,

Kwaku Antwi Boasiakoh

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