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Razak Kojo Opoku Writes to FixTheCountry Demonstrators



The demonstration is a fundamental human right of every Ghanaian. Our 1992 Constitution grants ordinary citizens of this great country such inalienable rights. We must also bear in mind that this is a right that comes with responsibility.

What is this responsibility? As much as we demonstrate to express our grievances over an issue, we must also attempt at all times to offer solutions at the material time we are demonstrating.

A section of Ghanaians demonstrated yesterday calling on the government to fix the country’s problems. Well said! But can anyone tell me a single solution these demonstrators offered to the government or the country throughout their demonstration?

Point out a single placard inscription or scores of T-shirts printed which offered a simple way out of the problems they are lamenting over.

Did you hear these demonstrators professing solutions instead of lamentations on the free social and traditional media publicity they enjoyed? Are we becoming a country that knows the price of everything but the value of nothing?

I think that moving forward, citizens should upgrade themselves to the level whereby they would be able to demonstrate intellectually with their God’s given talents, professing solutions or alternative approaches towards addressing the various challenges or problems we are confronted with as a nation.

Demonstrating with the usual legs, shouting without sense coupled with alcohol intake, dancing and merrymaking is in fact old-fashioned.

The government is ready to welcome intellectual demonstrations anchored on providing solutions or superior ideas for the socio-economic development and transformation of the country.


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