Reasons why your car steering wheel shakes while driving



A car steering wheel can shake while driving due to various mechanical issues and imbalances within the vehicle’s components.

Here are some common reasons, according to mechanicbase.

Wheel Alignment Issues: Incorrect wheel alignment can cause the steering wheel to vibrate as it struggles to maintain a straight path.

Tire Imbalance: Uneven tire wear or improper tire balancing can lead to vibrations in the steering wheel, especially at higher speeds.

Worn Suspension Components: Worn-out shocks, struts, or bushings can cause instability, leading to steering wheel shakes.

Brake Problems: Warped brake rotors or uneven brake pad wear can result in vibrations when braking, affecting the steering wheel.

Wheel Bearing Problems: Damaged or worn wheel bearings can create a wobbly feeling in the steering wheel.

Steering System Issues: Faulty components like tie rods, ball joints, or the steering rack can lead to steering wheel vibrations.

Drivetrain Problems: Issues with the driveshaft or CV joints can cause vibrations that transfer to the steering wheel.

Tire Issues: Damaged or out-of-round tires can lead to steering wheel shakes.

Wheel Hub Problems: Bent or damaged wheel hubs can contribute to vibrations in the steering system.

Engine Issues: Engine misfires or problems with motor mounts can cause vibrations that may be felt through the steering wheel. Foster

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