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Reasons why your internet bundles run out so faster



There is nothing that annoys someone so much like buying Internet bundles, then you get a message just a few minutes later alerting you that your they are almost finished without even using them for that long.

You start asking yourself why did it run out so fast and where did it go? This has always happened to some of us.

At times, some go to an extent of thinking they have been tricked and duped by the telecommunication company which is not the case. There is a number of reasons for this phenomenon.

Here are the major reasons

1. You have not restricted your background data

How does unrestricted background data affect your internet bundles in the first place? Well, there are apps that update themselves when the background data is on. All the installed apps on your handset will periodically update new features on the apps when data bundles are on. If you don’t need your data to drain so fast, then disable the background data

2. Notifications

Notifications from Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other apps can drain your data without you realizing it.

This brings us to sync. Notifications are always based on how you have synchronized your apps. For instance, if you Facebook, calendar, YouTube and e-mail sync after every 10 minutes, then be ready to spend more money on data bundles. It simply drains data bundles. If you need to save your data, go to setting, set your apps to sync data only connected to WiFi.

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