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Reduce all ex-gratia payments to one-third to beneficiaries-CAC Chairman



The Chairman of the Christ Apostolic Church of Ghana, Apostle Abraham Amoh, has eulogized President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, for the various interventions he has introduced describing them as positive which are gradually shaping the fortunes of the nation.
He explained that interventions such as the national digitalization project, the Ghana Card, the establishment of the Zongo Development Fund, the creation of the six new regions, the distribution of ambulances to all Districts Hospitals, the peaceful resolution of the boundary disputes and equipping the security service as well as the introduction of the Free Senior High Schools among other initiatives which are driving the development of the nation forward.
Speaking to the media in Kumasi on Sunday, Apostle Amoh was upbeat that the various initiatives of the government when allowed to continue for some years would go a long way for the transformation of the nation.
The Chairman indicated that the rolling out of the interventions was among the best things that keep on promoting the development of the country.
He again mentioned the re-introduction of nurses and teacher training allowances, and the restructuring of the nation’s economy after inheriting a weak economy from the previous government were all marks of a good leader in Nana Akufo-Addo.
Apostle Amo called for the total amount paid as ex-gratia to all Article 71 beneficiaries to be reduced to a third of any amount paid to them in the past due to the current economic situation in the country and the rest of the world.
He explained that in a nation that is striving to recover from huge economic challenges arising from the covid-19 and the hardships from the Russian-Ukraine war, there was a need for all to sacrifice a bit to save the nation’s economy from a total collapse.
The Chairman appealed to all Ghanaians to contribute their quota towards the restructuring of the nation’s debt by making some sacrifices towards the recovery of the economy to save the nation’s economy from a shutdown.
He again appealed to traders and operators of businesses to ensure that they do not increase their prices too high since it would in the long run affect all irrespective of location.

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