Resurrect NABCO to absorb out gone National Service Personnel – Chief Nurudeen to Gov’t 

A youth activist and a National Service Personnel in the Tamale Metropolitan, Chief Ibrahim Nurudeen has appealed to government to resurrect the Nabco Programme to absorb out gone service personnel to avoid frustration among the youth.
According to him, the competition in the job market is tedious and it would be frustrating for a person who has completed national service to secure one.
He said the backbone and the success of every nation depend on the youth, “Youth unemployment is a threat to national security, a nation cannot develop if its youth are not catered for in their late 20s-35”.
“If am giving the opportunity to speak directly to people in authority either the president, the chief of Staff or any body that matters, the first thing I’ll voice out is youth unemployment especially for us as Service Personnel and our Seniors who have just finished theirs, if for nothing at all government should consider bringing back the NABCO Programme to absorb great part of the outgoned personnel, some of them could be use in the Agriculture sector, industries, health, construction firms, Education etc”.
Chief Nurudeen revealed that hundreds of those who just transitioned out of the mandatory national service are already facing the real side of the world, he therefore reiterated the need for government to engage them through the NABCO Programme.
“As a youth activist and a journalist, I’ll continue to remind people in authority to take the welfare of the Ghanaian youth serious, I do ask myself what is next after National Service, Is there hope for the personnel after the one year period. With this advocacy I know and believe government will create more jobs, however, Government cannot do it alone so am calling on NGO’s, philanthropists and entrepreneurs to support youth development”. He noted.
He further advised his colleagues service personnel and Ghanaian students to go beyond acquiring academic certificates and start learning skills work.
Chief Nurudeen made this comments at a youth forum organized by the Dagbon Advocacy Network over the weekend in Tamale at the Global Dream hotel.

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