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Stop buying vegetables on bare-floor – FDA warns the general public

Mrs. Nora Narkie Terlaabie, Regional Head, Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) – Ashanti, has warned the general public not to buy vegetables that are on the bare-floor. “Let’s chose not to buy vegetables that are on the bare-floor and so then people selling will realize that no they need to put it on at least three feet table so that is off the floor and not contaminated and to also sell at environment clean areas’. She added.    She again, cautioned the general public to desist from buying rotten vegetables, especially tomatoes and stop cooking vegetables that are not properly washed.    She hinted that, if we blend fresh vegetables(tomatoes) together with rotten ones and we cook together, we might think we  have cooked the food but  the toxins that have been produced are still in the food and they are not heat-liable, this means we can cook the food for the rest of our  lives and the toxins in the food will still be there. So the toxins are accumulated in the body and give us all sorts of health-related issues.    She further advised us to stop buying foods that are sold at rubbish prone areas and the toilet side because it poses danger to our health.    She hinted that, if sellers get to know that we don’t buy from them in an unsafe environment, they will stop selling at such joints.    Mrs. Terlaabie further warned Ghanaians not to buy frozen chicken that is stored because the chicken has already been stored and needs to be cooked yet we buy the stored ones. She said, by so doing we are making our family sick.    She was of the view that foods that we eat today make people sick due to how we handle them.    She said this in an exclusive interview with yesterday at her office to mark the world food safety day celebration. Foster

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