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Sunyani East NPP Constituency Chairman Nearly Lynched



The purported and self proclaimed chairman of Sunyani East Constituency of the NPP was nearly lynched Yesterday but for the swift and timely intervention of the bodyguards of Mr Kwabena Agyei Adjapong to his rescue.

The incident happened Yesterday 1st FEBRUARY,2023 at Ideas Hotel-Fiapre in the Sunyani west municipality of the Bono region during a meeting of NPP Bono Regional Executive Committee with Mr. Kwabena Agyei Adjapong a presidential hopeful of the New Patriotic Party when one Batholemeu Inkoom storm the meeting grounds throwing tantrums and making asinine and reckless comments bestowing to himself
Chairmanship powers.

This rude behaviour of his, infuriated some heavily built men numbering about 20 to bounce on him until Mr Adjapong’s bodyguards came to his aid and rescued him from been lynched.

Things became worst for him when he try challenging a man who drew his attention to obey the orders of the court because a court of competent jurisdiction has clearly given out orders that “names of purported elected executive claimed to have been elected be deleted from the National Data Base of the Party. Hence, he should cease parading himself as “chairman” for Sunyani East Constituency of the Party. That, his lawyer defending him in a Contempt case on the issue has also openly admitted and have stated in open court that, indeed no elections have taken place in Sunyani East Constituency.

The national leadership of the NPP should see Sunyani East Constituency case as live and death situation since nasty things nearly happened yesterday due to their inability to bring finality to the disputed Polling Station, Electoral Area Coordinators and Constituency Executives elections case.

The national leadership should know that “SLOW MOTION IS BETTER THAN NO MOTION” and that, Sunyani East Constituency is the heart beat of Bono NPP.

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