Tafo Pankrono To Fall For Dr Serwaa Donkor On 27th January—Research



Delegates of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) at Tafo Pankrono Constituency sampled by this outfit show some preference for Dr Louisa Serwaa Donkor Carol to the incumbent, Vincent Ekow Assifuah in the upcoming Parliamentary primary in the area.

About 60% of those sampled noted that for them they consider the human relations attitude of the persons contesting as a serious factor.

However, 40% said they will vote for the aspirant they consider could deliver promises they were making.

The summary of these two factors from our analysis puts Executive Director, National Alternative Employment and Livelihood Programme, Serwaa Donkor ahead.

Some of the respondents noted that both the incumbent and the female aspirant, Dr Serwaa Donkor are fit to lead the constituency but for now it was development they were looking for Tafo Pankrono constituency.

They pointed to youth unemployment and lack of capital to resource individuals as great challenge confronting residents in the NPP stronghold.

Taking time to testify of their choices, 61 percent of the respondents said even with her position, Dr Serwaa Donkor had resourced most of the market women and youth with funds to start and expand their businesses.

39% of the respondents however said they will vote for the aspirant who could best lobby for tangible development projects and programmes to the constituency.

From the foregoing analysis it is clear that the delegates would prefer to endorse the candidature of the female aspirant, Dr Carol Serwaa Donkor.

Most of the respondents played up her communication skills and humanitarian attributes.

Others said they were watching closely the attitudes of all the aspirants to decide on January 27th.

Meanwhile, the chiefs and people of the town are reported to be clandestinely campaigning for their preferred choice with some delegates confirming that the elders had indicated their love for Serwaa Donkor.

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