The Man Julius Debrah: 2024 Possible Running Mate For John Mahama



An assessment conducted by The Punch Newspaper has it that , among the names circulating within the rank and file of the NDC about the possible running mate to partner His Excellency John Dramani Mahama in the 2024 general elections , Hon. Julius Debra stands out prominently.

His experience in both governance and opposition, sociable nature, and ethnic background (Akan) makes him an appealing choice.

His charisma, ability to mobilize party members, and deep loyalty further solidify his candidacy.

The perceived limitation of delayed communication responses could be better understood within the context of his demanding role.

The Punch Newspaper perceive this as an opportunity to bridge generational gaps and gain insights into the needs of future generations.

The choice of a running mate must counteract the stereotype that the NDC is an Ewe tribe party, thereby ensuring the party’s survival.

His Excellency Julius Debrah aligns closely with JM’s vision, embodying loyalty and substantial political experience.

He has gone through the mail as Social Democrat, Cadre, Regional Chairman of the NDC in the Eastern for years and has held positions in government as Director General of Ghana Tourist Board, Eastern and Greater Accra regional ministers , Local government minister and most of all the Chief of Staff under John Mahama 1st term.

Against this backdrop The Punch Newspaper firmly believe that the fortunes and prospects of the NDC in the forthcoming general elections, especially in the Akan speaking regions, will be favorable to the NDC if Julius Debrah is selected.

This accomplishment can serve as inspiration for the party’s youthful base and youth of Ghana who are yearning for the return of John Mahama as the next President of the Republic of Ghana.

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