Urgent call to Local Government Minister Dan Kwaku Botwe: Address the neglected Kejetia fire disaster aftermath


It has been six months since a devastating fire tore through the Kejetia market in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi the second largest City of Ghana with over 7,203 shops. Unfortunately 33 trading shops were affected. At the moment victims and their union leaders are in the dark about the government’s plans for rebuilding and restoring the affected area of the market to business.
The affected site remains unattended, with dysfunctional fire hydrants and damaged plumbing causing ongoing water leakage any time it rains in the market.
Frustrated by the lack of action and transparency, traders are now considering holding protests against the government, which owns the property with red flags already lifted around the property.
I hope this harmless article will serve as a plea to the local government Minister, respected Dan Kwaku Botwe Ashanti dear brother, to take immediate action and address the pertinent issues at hand.

The neglected aftermath:

Since the committee was constituted on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, to investigate the cause of the fire, there has been no progress or updates regarding its findings. This lack of information has left the traders and their union leaders clueless about the government’s plans for the market’s restoration.
The affected area, which bore the brunt of the fire, has been left unattended, worsening the damage caused by the initial incident. It is unacceptable that six months have passed, and the affected traders continue to suffer due to the lack of action.
Currently, the victims of the fire who ply their trade at the market at home with their family struggling to feed themselves. The market which is responsible for generating income for the country is under the mismanagement of Kumasi City Market limited who have not demonstrated any sign of seriousness to manage the state’s all important market project.

Non-functioning Fire Hydrants and Leaking Plumbing Pipes:

Further exacerbating the situation, the fire hydrants in the market are not functioning, posing a significant risk in case of future emergencies. Additionally, the plumbing pipes damaged by the fire have not been replaced, resulting in water leakage whenever it rains. This not only affects the livelihoods of the traders but also poses health hazards to both them and the customers who frequent the market. Such negligence is deeply concerning and reflects a lack of commitment on the part of the authorities.

The Traders’ Desperation:

Unable to endure any longer, the traders have declared their intention to hold a series of protests against the government. Their frustration stems from the government’s ownership of the property and their expectation of support and assistance in the aftermath of the devastating fire.
The traders and the victims of the fire are simply seeking answers, assistance, and accountability from the government. It is imperative that the authorities take this matter seriously and address the concerns of these hardworking individuals and the victims.

Call to Action:

In light of the dire situation faced by the traders and victims, it is crucial that the local government minister, Dan Kwaku Botwe MP, take immediate action. Firstly, transparency is of paramount importance. The committee’s report should be made public to ensure that Ghanaians are aware of the findings and recommendations. Secondly, a comprehensive plan for the market’s restoration must be formulated promptly. This involves repairing the fire hydrants, replacing the damaged plumbing pipes, and providing support to affected traders to rebuild their businesses.

The neglect shown towards the aftermath of the market fire is utterly unacceptable. The traders, their livelihoods, and the victims of the fire deserve urgent attention and support from the government. Local government minister Dan Botwe must rise to the occasion and take immediate action to address the numerous issues plaguing the market. The affected individuals deserve transparency, assistance, and accountability from their government. Only then can we restore faith in our country’s ability to protect and support its citizens during challenging times.
Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM/Isaac Justice Bediako

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