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Volta must carry NDC as a religion – Fifi Kwetey


General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has said the Volta Region must cement its place as an unmovable bastion for the Party.

Fifi Kwetey said the Region’s hold as the fortress for the NDC had weakened in recent times as indigenes had become increasingly discouraged from identifying with the Party, while strongholds of the main political opponent, the NPP, remained fruitful.

Mr Kwetey was opening a regional retreat for Regional Executives of the Party at Dzodze in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region, which is on the theme “Empowering Our Base for Victory in 2024.”

He said the Volta Region remained the birthplace and base of the NDC and should be maintained as the Party lost its monopoly over the northern parts of the country.

Volta is the Region, where saviours of the nation come from as far as this country is concerned but we need to know who we are, and somehow, we know, who we are, and we need to start appreciating who we are.

“Volta must appreciate NDC and back it no matter what. It should become like a religion. We need to let our people appreciate that this is what we are. And I believe if we knew who we were, the situation where the love for this party would start dwindling in this Region should not happen.

He said a careful watch of what happens in Ashanti Region, and the Eastern Region, indicates that no matter how poor the NPP may perform, they understand that their Party is the NPP, and nothing changes that.

Because somehow, they appreciate it, and believe in their party as a religion. Your Religion may not be the best religion, yet that is your religion. It is your responsibility to make sure you fix it, and you change it.”

The General Secretary went on to say, that “we need to let our people appreciate that this is who we are. There is nothing shameful about it.

You talk to some of our young people from Volta and they think it is something of pride to say ‘yea, we are not like our forefathers and uncles, and we believe that we should not continue with that.


alleged that NPP had managed to discourage natives of the region from adopting the Party and was robbing the region of its political lineage.

It is our job to ensure that our children remain loyal to this foundation to make it better. The NDC should be much more than a Party for us. It should be a religion.”

Mr Kwetey called for “better coordination” to be able work towards the Party’s needs, adding that Voltarians remained the most faithful to the Party, and sustained its popularity across the Country.

He said the Region must therefore become more creative to be able to lead the Party, and that the Party should work closer with the diaspora, and ensure such communities duly benefited from power.

The four-day retreat would help strategise towards the coming general elections which the Party hopes to win, and present are some National and Regional Executives and some Members of Parliament from the Region.

Mr  Dan Agbodakpi, Chairman of the National Council of Elders who chaired the opening said Party executives must work in unity with MPs and other stakeholders particularly the grassroots to be able to remain formidable.

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