VP Bawumia urges Ghana Armed Forces to contribute to government’s digitalization strategies




The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has called on the Ghana Armed Forces and the Ghana Armed Forces Staff College, to contribute to Government’s digitisation strategies by making contributions, which will enhance the nation’s digital advancement.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony of the Ghana Armed Forces Staff College in Accra on Friday, August 18, 2023, Dr. Bawumia acknowledged the historic contributions of the Armed Forces to the advancement of technology, urging the Ghana Armed Forces to be on board the digitization drive, because of the link between the military and technology.

“It has been acknowledged, the world over, that the military and technology are inseparable,” Dr. Bawumia said.

“Indeed, many technologies that we are enjoying today are the product of military research. Examples include microwave ovens, computers, GPS technology, the internet, nuclear energy, walkie-talkies, etc.”

“Therefore I look forward to the Ghana Armed Forces, particularly GAFCSC, to help with strategies that will contribute to government’s digitization agenda,” added the Vice President.

“As I requested at last year’s graduation, government is looking forward to GAFCSC developing modules and programmes that will challenge the ingenuity of the youth, particularly in digitalization awareness and Cyber security related issues.”

Dr. Bawumia hailed the significant impact the GAFCSC is making as a citadel of knowledge, not only on Ghanaians, but also serving men nationals of other African country.

“I have repeatedly referred to GAFCSC, as a prime national asset with a place of pride in Ghana and the entire continent as it continues to serve as a citadel of knowledge for our military and that of allied countries,” he said.

“Over time, GAFCSC has convincingly carved a niche for itself as the destination of choice for Allied officers and countries who have a desire to achieve professional excellence in their respective Armed Forces.”

With the College’s growing reputation, Dr. Bawumia further urged the Staff College Control Board and the Military High Command to leverage its enhanced status and prominence, to work towards sustaining the gains already achieved and possibly venture into other unexplored areas necessary for national development.

“The increased demand for vacancies on your programmes should serve as a motivation to explore and tap into other areas of study that are necessary for the socio-economic development of our dear nation and by extension the continent.”

“With the status of the College as a tertiary institution and her flagship Integrated programme, namely the Passed Staff College (psc) and the Master of Science in Defense and International Politics, GAFCSC has assumed an even greater role in shaping the leadership and managerial skills of many professionals from Ghana and other sister African countries.”

Dr. Bawumia also assured the Armed Forces of government’s continuous support for the military, including the expansion of its infrastructure, “as it has always done.”

The joint graduation ceremony was for the 2023 year group of the College for Senior Command and Staff Course 44, as well as the Master of Science in Defense and International Politics Class of 2023.

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