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We must own JFK project —Frank Bosompem to MPs, Delegates in Ashanti



The Asokwa constituency Organiser for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has urged Members of Parliament as well as constituency executives of the party in the Ashanti Region to see Justin Kodua Frimpong’s entry into the General Secretary race as a project for themselves.

According to the Asokwa delegate, JUSTIN KODUA represents the hope of the region having contributed immensely to the party’s fortunes since its formation stages till date

“Ashanti Region deserves a position at the top echelon of the party so that it can use its influence and numbers to build the party and in Justin Kodua we will have relief for members who have since toiled to make NPP a solid one”, Mr BOSOMPEM stated.

Mr BOSOMPEM said it was important that as MPs and party executives from the Ashanti Region they work to own the campaign of the former youth organiser of the party.

He noted that Kodua has from his youthful days showed commitment to the course of the party in the region.

This, the Asokwa Organiser requested  the region and its delegates reciprocate same commitment to Kodua’s ambition and that of the region since he represents Ashanti.

“I appeal to all of us in the Ashanti Region to see Kodua’s ambition as ours too since he represents the face of the NPP here. I plead that we work to push him up and grant him our votes so that he can lead as General Secretary in this crucial time”, the Asokwa Organiser appealed.

Mr BOSOMPEM said from all indications the former youth organiser of the party in the region would win the position he is contesting for.

He noted that the reception to the campaign message of JFK had caught on well.

Mr Bosompem said aside the commitment to infuse vibrancy and dynamism into the administration of the party, the promise by JFK to make party administration a modern one has caught on well.

“By God’s grace JFK will achieve his ambition and win to administer the party’s administration so that unlike an arm-chair General he would show the difference of being a proper administrator”,  Mr BOSOMPEM posited.

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