Western North NPP Mad At Captain Smart over his Unfortunate Comment



“We have taken note of the regrettable statement made by Godsbrain Smart, also known as Captain Smart, of Onua FM, where he described the Western North Region as “USELESS.” Western North NPP has Stated.

According to them ,the statement has elicited strong reactions from various stakeholders in the region, and their esteemed paramount chiefs have taken the lead in calming the situation.

Headed by Hon Benjamin Armah ,
Regional Chairman ,It is disappointing that despite the name, Captain Smart has not shown the intelligence one would expect by apologizing for his words.

He said,as members of the NPP, they stand in solidarity with the Chiefs and the good people of the Western North Region in condemning Captain Smart’s statement.

It is important to note that Captain Smart claims to possess knowledge ranging from archaeology to zoology, yet he has displayed a lack of wisdom in this instance.

“The people and the chiefdoms of the Western North Region are far from “useless.” Since the creation of the region, the northern part of the former Western Region has witnessed significant development projects that would have otherwise been overlooked.

The region boasts prominent individuals, including the President of the House of Chiefs, the Minister for Environment Science and Technology, the Executive Secretary to the
Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Renowned Academics, Council of State Members, Board Members of both Private and Public Organizations Accomplished Businessmen, and more. Such a region, which has produced such accomplished individuals, cannot be labeled as “USELESS.” The person making such a statement must be under the influence of an intoxicating substance.

While we acknowledge that no region is above reproach, if criticism is to be offered, it should be done in a manner that does not tarnish the image and reputation of all the region’s citizens and inhabitants.

We fought hard for the creation of this region, and we will not allow anyone, regardless of their status, gender, age, or profession, to insult us in any manner or form.

We urge citizens and inhabitants to speak up against any comments or actions that seeks to harm the image and reputation of the region.

Through this statement, we call on Godsbrain Smart and the Onua FM morning show crew to offer an unreserved apology to us.

Onua FM exists to educate and inform its listeners, and therefore, statements of this nature only serve to harm the brand and reputation of the station. We believe that the station’s owners should be concerned about this situation.

Captain Smart and his crew should always remember that no matter how tall an iroko tree may be, it can never touch the sky.

We urge all good citizens of the region not to play the ostrich but rather condemn this unfortunate comment irrespective of our political suasion, or tribe. Western North is the only region we have, let us guard its reputation religiously. “It indicated in a statement copied to broadcastergh .com this afternoon.

Source:Broadcastergh.com/Ayisah Foster


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