Why Do Married Men Cheat?



Two people, deeply in love, promise to remain together in sickness and health.

The man married the woman of his dreams and they walked into the sunset holding hands.

He may have visualized their future with her, a honeymoon, a nice house, kids, and a life full of love and fulfillment! Then ”Why do married men cheat?” Cheating is a morally offensive act that rips the marriage apart. And, contrary to popular belief, cheating is not just the physical act of being close to someone. An emotional bond with someone outside of the marriage or committed relationship may also be understood as cheating.

Now, infidelity in marriage is not restricted to gender; reasons for cheating on one’s spouse may be different for men and women. While sexual desire, intimacy issues, and lack of appreciation are the root causes behind most extramarital affairs, it is important to know that every individual and relationship dynamic is unique, and there may be many things under the surface that may not be apparent from an outside point of view. To help you contemplate this better, we have listed some potential reasons why married men resort to infidelity and why some men still wish to stay married even after committing adult

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