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‘’With Gold for oil, the text books won’t teach you’’ comment by Dr. Bawumia Insulting-Citizen OB Meta Writes



I felt insulted after listening to him and I said to myself, it seems ‘Economic Judas’ ubiquitous hypocrisy is brewing uncontrollably in Ghana and Ghanaians need to ‘block the 8’.

Is it the same barter trade my forefathers traded in before the arrival of Portuguese at Edina or another form of barter trade ?

My Social Studies note which is still intact teaches me that the reasons why Portuguese arrived at the shores of Edina was to discover other parts of the world , evangelize, and to trade: the only medium of exchange for their trade with locals was ‘barter’. The Portuguese exchanged sugar , whiskey, mirror and others for Gold at Edina before it was extended to other parts of Gold Coast .

It only Deceitful individuals typical of Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia who would claim to be the originator of barter trade of which no text books in Ghana would teach after cash was paid for the 40,000 tonnes of oil instead of gold for the ‘Gold for oil deal.

The opaqueness of the shoddy deal is as not serious as the sheer lies spilled by *the member of corruption trinity

Moreover, its only Dishonorable individuals such as Dr Mahamadu Bawumia who will not agree that his gold for oil deal was a rhetoric and one of his ways and tricks of lying to Ghanaians. The pumps have increased prices of fuel again and It is not surprising Super XP RON95 been selling at GH¢15.25 per liter and Diesel XP GH¢15.90 at GOIL since Wednesday, February 1,2023

Again ,it is only *Dishonest* individuals such as Dr. Mahamadou Bawumia who lied about originating an idea of which no text books pre-dating Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s era has taught Ghanaians, claiming to be ‘Champion Atta ‘, as been the only person to conceive an idea of barter trade in the history of Ghana. Joy News reported recently that most border towns and many households in Ghana still practice *barter* trading.

On behalf of suffering Ghanaians, our plight is for the government to be serious about fixing the ailing economy which has been bedeviled by 54.1 % inflation , 93.5% debt to GDP ratio, increase in total debts by GH¢575 billion , 1 dollar to GH¢13 exchange rate , 59.7 % food inflation 2.5 % increase in VAT and other nuisance increments.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! for Akufo-Addo-Bawumia to prove their insensitiveness, sika mp3 Dede and y3ntia obiaa way of governance, there has been an incremental jump in utility tariffs; 30% increment in electricity, 9% in water and 22% increase in LPG .

It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak truth and expose lies in society , I urge all Ghanaians to up their voices and speak against this dishonest , deceitful and dishonorable government who used 150 billion Old Ghana Cedis to procure Presidential car tyres and batteries .

Thank you .

Citizen Ob -Meta

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