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World BanK GALOP $1.2M Deal- Tanit limited Exposes Education Minister

Management of TANIT Limited has said that , their attention has been drawn to Ghanaian Chronicle newspaper publication dated on 15Th August,2022 referring to their company (TANIT Limited)  and its ongoing work with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Ghana.
 In a statement sighted by The Punch Newspaper  it was indicated that,for the avoidance of doubt, management of Tanit limited wishes to State the facts below.
Firstly,the Ministry of Education signed a contract with TANIT limited with 26Th July,2021 for the consultancy Services for the design , development and deployment of digital teacher training content and platform under GALOP COVID -19 interventions.
Again,the initial scope of  work for which reason a proposal was sent to the Ministry of Education and subsequently approved by the Public Procurement Authority was altered at the discretion of the Hon.Minister before the new scope was incorporated in the contract and subsequently signed.
Furthermore,The new scope of work as reviewed by the Hon.Minister required TANIT limited to deliver a digital training platform and specified content only .
Moreso,Tanit limited completed the contract assignment and submitted its report to the Ministry of Education on 14Th February,2022.
In addition,Tanit limited was invited by the Ministry of Education on 8th March,2022 to make a presentation to a “Project Implementation Committee”of the ministry of education.
Another point was that, at the said meeting,an Officer of the Ministry of Education,Mr.Bernad   Ayensu said to our hearing that,the Ministry of Education do not need our platform any longer because on the night of 30th November,2021,the Minister of Education directed him to make a’mid night’ run to the house of the then Chief Director of the Ministry of Education to sign a ‘made-up’ report for onward submission to Education Sector working Group and World Bank.
Moreover,On the 22ND June ,2022,the Ministry of Education wrote to us requesting for a refund of part payment made during the execution of the contract..
We responded to the Ministry of Education on 24Th June,2022 raising issues with the request.
The Ministry of Education responded again to our letter on 18th July 2022 insisting on the refund .
The Tanit limited contract did not include training of teachers .We only provided the platform and content.
The platform was not ready as at the end of 30th November,2021 and as such,did not have any teachers trained on the same.

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