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‘You Can’t Lead Us To December Polls’-Incompetent Treacherous Jean Mensah Told

The National Democratic Congress Diaspora Supporters Union has  expressed  their disappointments at the happenings in the  beloved country, Ghana , concerning the open bias of the Electoral Commission of Ghana towards the National Democratic Congress and the danger it imposes on the fragile democracy.
“We believe that a confused and irresponsible Electoral Commission led by Mrs. Jean Mensa and Dr. Bossman Asare cannot be trusted to conduct a free and fair elections in the December 7 general elections.
This Jean Mensa’s EC has lost credibility, integrity, trust, and fairness to lead Ghana to a crucial 2020 general election.  We hereby call for an immediate composition of “AN INDEPENDENT MANAGEMENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION” to oversee the next general elections.
We hereby propose that the INDEPENDENT MANAGEMENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION be led by the High Command of the Ghana Armed Forces with the composition of representatives of political parties, National House of Chiefs, the Clergy and Civil Society organizations.
The current confused and incompetent treacherous characters leading the EC per their actions if care is not taken, they will plunge our beautiful country to a war situation to a point of no return.
God Bless our Homeland Ghana and Long live the NDC”.
Jerome Kpan- Germany                                       Mr. Felix Kwao- Belgium
(Tel.00491727428369) ​​​                                            (0032467708180)

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