You will become a divorcee if I decide to mind you – Ken Agyapong to Samira Bawumia




Flagbearer aspirant of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kennedy Agyapong, has stated that he has made a conscious decision to refrain from responding to the recent comments made by the Second Lady, Samira Bawumia.

Speaking to the media, he stated that countering her remarks could potentially have a detrimental effect on her marriage.

“I have vowed not to comment. You heard what Mrs. Bawumia said about me but I didn’t reply her because if I reply her, her marriage will collapse,” he stated.

Mr Agyapong’s comment comes in the wake of a recent campaign by Samira Bawumia in Amansie constituency. The Second Lady encouraged delegates not to vote for a candidate who had threatened that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) would face defeat in the event of his loss in the flagbearer contest.

However, Mr Agyapong believes that Samira Bawumia was indirectly referring to him when she advised against candidates who sought the downfall of the NPP.

She emphasized the importance of party unity and criticized those who were campaigning with anger and advocating for the NPP to go into opposition if their favored candidate did not win.

“It is imperative that our words reflect the gravity of this election for our party, and, for this reason, we must avoid making mistakes and present a unified front. Therefore, we should all unite behind a candidate with the potential to lead us to victory. However, those who engage in campaigning with bitterness and anger, suggesting that we should accept going into opposition if our preferred candidate is not successful, is that a stance we are willing to embrace,” she added.

In response to these comments, Ken Agyapong noted that those who argued that the Second Lady did not mention any names in her speech would be the first to accuse him of insulting women if he were to respond without explicitly naming individuals.

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