10 Things Guys Don’t Understand About Girls



While there may be a laundry list of things guys do that leave ladies wondering, there are quite a few things that girls do that men can’t seem to wrap their heads around.

As a girl myself, I’m here to reveal the mystery behind some of the things we are constantly caught doing that leave guys itching for answers.

1.) Taking Forever To Get Ready

When it comes to getting ready for a fun night out, we definitely like to take our time prepping for whatever shenanigans we’re going to get ourselves into. We want to make sure that we smell nice, that our hair is well coifed, that our make-up is perfect and that we’re wearing the hottest outfit. But, in-between that beautifying process there is much more that needs to be done. We need to make sure we have the appropriate pre-game music playing, especially when “our song” comes on. And obviously, we need the good alcohol set out for when the time comes to take that mid-hair straightening shot. Not to mention going around and asking all of our friends how we look. Basically, it’s a process…but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

2.) Losing Our Rubber Bands And Bobbie Pins

Okay, it might be nice if we keep hair accessories in one central location, but they’re hard to keep track of when we have hundreds and hundreds of them. My apologies if my hair band miraculously ends up on the handle of the doorknob, or collects dust somewhere in the corner of the room. Most of us would rather have our hair bands and bobby pins scattered around the place in the event we have one of those hair emergencies. We never know where we might be when we need one.

3.) Having “Nothing” To Wear In Our Closet

This is our equivalent of guys looking at their video game collection and claiming they have nothing to play. There is no worse feeling than to stare blankly into a closet full of outdated clothing, wishing you had that new top from Urban or that gorgeous body-con dress from Nordstrom. Let’s be honest, we’re girls…and outfit repeating is out of the question. Nobody said it was a crime to try and stay in the fashion limelight, or vamp up our wardrobe. There’s nothing a little retail therapy can’t fix.

4.) Waxing

It might be one of the most painful experiences we encounter besides childbirth, but it is completely necessary when it comes to grooming ourselves. Sure shaving is always practical, but it’s nice to have that smooth skin for a little longer than a few days. Keeping up with hair growth can be exhausting and unless you want to see us with hairy legs, don’t roll your eyes every time we complain about the pain. If anything, we should be applauded for some of the things we go through just to look so smooth. Have you ever watched the “40-year-old Virgin?”

5.) Wearing Heels, Then Complaining About It

As a female, we are automatically programmed to have an obsession with shoes. For any occasion that may come our way, we need a variety of shoes to choose from. We wear sneakers when we work, sandals when it’s warm out, boots when it’s cold, and heels when we’re feeling extra fancy (and boys, don’t act like you don’t like them). We like the way heels complement our outfits and make our legs look miles long, so for us, it’s well worth the late-night struggle when the time comes to walk home.

6.) Denying Compliments

Without a doubt, we girls love compliments. But sometimes, we do like to maintain at least the slightest bit of modesty when it comes to receiving them. Guys may not understand this, but when a girl walks up to another girl and raves about how pretty she looks one night, she doesn’t simply say “OMG I know right, thank you” and immediately strut off in the opposite direction. It’s simply girl code to respond in a way that doesn’t leave us looking like conceded bitches (even if we do look really good). While a typical answer might be, “No way I look like I just woke up, but you look amazing,” this is just our way of staying humble and ensuring more compliments from said girl in the future. We maintain our reputation and our ego…it’s a win-win.

7.) Our Tendency To Say One Thing But Mean Another

Sometimes I sympathize with men when it comes to this because as a girl, I know we are all guilty of this at some point in our lives…maybe more. I know it’s confusing. Regardless, there are times when we want other people to evaluate a situation for themselves, rather than taking our own words for what they are. Sure for our birthday we might say we don’t want any presents. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t want presents on their birthday?! Sometimes we say things we don’t mean because we don’t want to seem high-maintenance or needy. Other times it’s because we’re just trying to give you a hard time. Just kidding! We’re not trying to make your life miserable or reiterate the fact that you would fail miserably as a mind reader, but all we’re asking for is a little unexpected thoughtfulness here and there.

8.) Going For Bad Boys Over Good Guys

Every girl says she wants a nice guy but goes for the bad guy. Why? I’m just going to cut to the chase and say that bad boys can be intriguing and good guys have a reputation for being…well…boring. Some girls like how bad boys enjoy living on the edge and exploring their rebellious side. But for others, that can only go so far. Yes, girls do enjoy being with someone who can help them escape from their shells and have a little fun now and then. But other girls like guys who might not be as wild and adventurous. These so-called nice guys are typically well-mannered, respectful and have good values (not to say bad boys don’t have these characteristics, but we’re describing general types here). In the grand scheme of things, it all comes down to our preferences and what we like in a guy. Not all bad boys are strictly bad and not all good guys are strictly good. Everyone has their own little perks.

9.) Wearing Make-up

I appreciate when guys claim they prefer a girl who’s “au natural,” but let’s be real…even at our most “natural” state, we are still wearing at least a little bit of make-up. And if you’re one of those girls who’s reading this and shaking your head as if you don’t wear the slightest bit of mascara or tinted moisturizer before you walk out the door, I’m afraid you’re lying to yourself and everyone else. We like to call it the No-make-up make-up look. As women, we are gifted with the ability to know how to make our skin bronzer, our cheekbones higher, and our eyes bigger and brighter (AKA we’re professional illusionists). It’s not our fault guys don’t realize we don’t just wake up looking like that.

10.) The Infamous Duck Face

Yes, we are guilty of using the duck face more than we should, and it continues to boggle men’s minds. But, it does accentuate our cheekbones and make our lips look fuller. It’s our way of being cute and sexy at the same time…or so we think.

So, as the women of a generation ‘Y’, we always have an explanation for some of the interesting things we may do on a regular basis. And, hopefully, I have debunked some of the mysteries behind our ways for you gentlemen out there.

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