2024 elections is not about Mahama but economic recovery, Political activist



Mr Precious Agbenya, a political activist and Member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)has stated that, the upcoming 2024 general elections are not about the former President John Dramani Mahama or the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as a political party but an agenda to recover the collapsed economy and to also rescue the country from the current corrupt leadership of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to him, the recent Assin North by-election has a clear indication that Ghanaian electorates are not happy With the managers of the economy currently which now at the verge of total collapse..
Mr. Agbenya was of the view that, power has eating into the marrows of the ruling NPP to the extent of being arrogant and would not listen to any counsel from well meaning Ghanaians, hence the collapsed of the economy.

He stated that, the governing NPP is corrupt to the extent that nothing is working from all sectors for the good people of Ghana who gave them the mandate through ballot.
He called on Ghanaians that, the only means to rescue the country from the current corrupt leadership is to bring the NDC back for the economic recovery to better the lives of every Ghanaian irrespective of political dispensation or place of origin.
Mr Agbenya also reminded the NDC fraternity to remains vigilant, says it would be a suicidal to leave the electoral process in the hands of the Electoral Commission alone to manage before during and after the elections.
He urged the party to approach the 2024 elections with the same strategy and commitment demonstrated in the recent by-elections to ensure a convincing victory come 2024 general elections to safe the country from the corrupt NPP government who abysmally performed and plunged the country into economic hardship.
He commended the people of Asin North for demonstrating to the ruling NPP that they know what is good for them despite the financial inducement during the by elections

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