2024 elections will be violent,run -off ,death of 4 leaders and pastors-Archbishop Salifu Amoako



The leader and founder of Alive Chapel International, Archbishop Elisha Salifu Amoako, is one of the pastors in Ghana, who has become known for prophesying about happenings in the country during 31st Night services.

Speaking to the media at his chapel, on the night of December 31, 2023, the pastor gave a mixed bag of predictions about happening in Ghana in the year 2024.

He started by saying that 2024 was going to be a prosperous year for Ghanaians but, this destiny must be fought for.

“Though God has promised us prosperity, we have to work towards it… the citizens must learn how to work hard,” he said.

He, therefore, encouraged Ghanaians to work hard and the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to create an enabling environment which would lead to the youth getting jobs.

The pastor went on to give prophecies of doom, which are likely to avert the prosperity God has promised Ghanaians and must be prayed against by every citizen.

Death of 4 power leaders:

“We need to pray for our leaders because I saw 4 people departing from this earth. They are very, very powerful people. But God doesn’t want me to mention names, we need to pray and stop these occurrences.”

Death of 4 famous pastors:

“Also, we need to pray for 4 men of God, I would call them myself and I would give them the direction, tell them what the lord is saying. But I don’t want to mention their names on social media, it would bring a lot of confusion.

“This year, the enemy would attack the men of God and if we are not careful, we would lose them,” he said.

Big confusion on election day:

“The 3rd one is that the Lord showed me a big confusion through election day. I see a lot of people running, fighting, trying to kill themselves. So, we need to pray for 2024 election because what the lord is showing me is going to be serious. It would be a year of confusion in our political realm.”

No winner after December 24 presidential election:

“When I looked at the realms as the Lord showed me, there was no winner between the NDC and the NPP so they had to do a run-off.”

Election petition and Attack on EC:

“There was a court case also coming in and there is a lot of misunderstanding concerning the election, to the extent that people are attacking the Electoral Commission and it was very, very severe,” he said.

“The Body of Christ needs to stand up and intercede for this particular election. It is not going to be a peaceful election,” he added.

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