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A seamless and symbolic transfer of power over the death of Queen Elizabeth



The new King of England, Prince Charles paid warm tribute to his late mother, Queen Elizabeth but this was the point when Charles began to look forward to his own reign.

Before the Accession Council’s ranks of senior politicians and public figures, King Charles dedicated the rest of his life to serving as monarch.

It was a mix of ritual, ornate language and constitutional practicality.

Charles is now the head of state and here was the seamless and symbolic transfer from one reign to the next, with oaths and signatures.

The inkpot used had been given to him by his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

The announcements also confirmed that the day of the Queen’s state funeral would be a public holiday.

But here was the King publicly shouldering his new responsibilities, promising to follow in the Queen’s example. It was the choreography of continuity.

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