2024 general elections: A communal labour for Ghanaians to show NPP the exit-Political activist



Mr. Agbenya Precious, a political analyst has urged Ghanaians irrespective of one’s political, religious and geographical dispensation to contribute in kicking the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) out of power.

According to him, the economic hardship the government of Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo and Dr Mahammud Bawumia,the President of the Republic and his vice respectively plunge the citizenry into because of the mismanagement and misappropriation of policies can no longer endure.
He made a passionate appeal to every patriotic citizen to contribute as a communal labour to help rescue the ailing economy from the NPP.
Speaking to the Chronicle Newspaper in Kumasi, he indicated that, every sector of the Ghanaians economy is in mess and for that matter every citizen from the young and the aged, the pensioners savings been affected with a head cut and can not get their savings as expected at the right time.
He stated that, the youth unemployment is in the rise while some Retirees are being given contract extension while the youth are unemployed, meanwhile the government has borrowed for the youth of today who are unemployed to pay in the future.
According to him, he expected Dr Mahammud Bawumia the Vice President of the Republic to give out the answers to the One Hundred and seventy-five (175) questions on the economy he once asked the former Vice President Emissah Arthur.
He alleged that, what is most desturbing development is that, the government officials and appointees are making a lot of monies they are not work for
Mr Agbenya is of the view that, the government knowing very well of the failure to deliver the numerous promises made to the people of Ghana, now trying hard to use any means to get the youth especially from the NDC in their strongholds being targeted in the Volta region.
He cautioned the youth not to succumb to anything the NPP present to them either in kind or cash or forfeit their future into the incompetent government to continue to suffer and the future generation of the country.
According to him, the government of the NPP upon the abysmal performance in managing the economy still trying to find every means to hang on power because they are power drunk and are not ready to handover power and continues to enrich themselves and families to make the ordinary Ghanaians suffer the more.
He disclosed that, considering the Agyapa, Bank of Ghana indebtedness and the ECG/PDS deals could be a testimony of what the NPP government stands for,hence cautioned the youth not to sell their birth right to a government that is in power only for the interest of only few families and friends
Mr Agbenya Precious reminded the youth that, the December 7, 2024, is around the corner and not far, which he said serves as another opportunity to work hard to bring back John Dramani Mahama to reward their hard work.
He also cautioned the NPP government not to try any attempt to scare or prevent a legible voter in the various NDC strongholds from voting to ensure that there is a peaceful, Free and fair and transparent elections by allowing the electorates to make their own choice as to who to lead them in the next four years devoid of intimidations.
He stressed that, the NDC as a political party and Ghanaians as a whole would not want what happened in Techiman South in the 2020 elections to repeat again and would do anything to stop it, because it’s elections not war.

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