2024 Polls: “All Votes Will Be Counted And Protected,”- NDC Reg Chair Vows



The Western north regional chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress, Mr. Michael Aidoo, has reiterated that, no vote will be left unprotected come 2024 general elections.

According to him, the Npp has planned to rig the elections and twist some figures to favor their interest, but won’t kowtow to such impunity.

Whilst addressing the press, he emphasized the need for Ghanaians to vote against the Npp government.

Mr. Michael Aidoo added, whatever promise President Akufo-Addo made through Dr. Bawumia hasn’t been fruitful. Adding, one constituency, one million dollars, one village, one Dam, one district, one factory and many other sloganeering were bogus messages.

In addition, he stated, higher inflation rate, increment in fuel prices, extreme economic hardships, poor education system, and many more are some of the factors which need urgent attention by this current Npp administration and not the usual lies and propaganda from Bawumia.

Popularly known as Big Aidoo and a contractor emphasized that, the election of Dr. Bawumia as the flag-bearer for the Npp will not change anything.

“ Dr. Bawumia has nothing new to offer Ghanaians, he can change the system, if indeed he is a competent leader. I want to tell Ghanaians that all votes will be counted and protected in 2024 polls. The Npp has failed woefully, so do they want to use dubious means to rig the elections, but we won’t allow that. We are on higher alert,” he reaffirmed.

Furtherance of the story, he called on Ghanaians to avoid comparing Dr. Bawumia to John Dramani Mahama, since there are vast difference between both.

He stressed that Mahama’s achievements in the history of the country’s politics are incomparable.

“We all know Dr. Bawumia to be a chronic liar. Ghanaians have caught up with his lies and he can no longer deceive anyone. Let’s stop the unparalleled comparison because John Mahama has done far better than Bawumia and Ghanaians are aware of that,” he concluded.

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