2024 polls: Serve Ghana, stop serving political masters – Lawrence Tetteh to clergy




The Founder and President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Rev. Lawrence Tetteh, has entreated the clergy to be peacemakers and refrain from partisan politics that could thwart the peace of the country in the run-up to the 2024 polls.

He further advised them to eschew their political differences and adapt to preaching peace when they mount their various pulpits to address their congregants.

Speaking during a national prayer rally held at the Old Obra Spot in Accra on New Year’s Eve, under the theme, ‘Come Let’s Pray for a Peaceful and Transparent Election’, Evangelist Lawrence Tetteh urged, “We should remember that a lot is on us, it is what we say that our followers listen to. So we should be mindful of the way we speak and make sure we bring the nation together. I am also admonishing all religious leaders to strive as much as possible to be peacemakers and make sure that every statement they make is the statement that will bring us together as a people.”

Rev. Lawrence Tetteh also admonished the clergy to be ‘selfless’ in their quest to serve the nation and desist from serving political parties.

He reminded the clergy to come together as a united front to fulfil the scriptures and stop serving their political parties.

“Our responsibility is that we must all be selfless, we must think of Ghana first. I pray that the clergy will remember to serve the nation and not a political party. And if we can come together in a massive united front, then we can pray a selfless prayer and fulfil the scriptures.”

“We are not supposed to impress politicians, we are supposed to do the will of God. If we can do that in honesty and also with diligence, then God will bless us beyond measure,” Rev. Lawrence Tetteh prayed.

He used the occasion to share food to the gathering at the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange and surrounding communities.

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