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2024 Polls: You can’t be an agent for NDC if you’re weak in Mathematics – Mahama



Possible 2024 Flagbearer for the NDC, Mr.John Dramani Mahama  has said at a party meeting in Ketu North on Friday, March 3 that the agents who will serve as NDC flagbearers in the 2024 general elections will not be selected based on who joined the party first or who has served the longest.


This test is about who is good at math and can do accurate calculations.


“The next point I want to make is about survey agents. Our basis for choosing voting agents should not be who came to the party first. It must be someone who can do this work for us.


Today’s election is different from past elections because you need someone who is good at math to help you vote, and if you can’t do math, you’re not very good at voting. You should be able to look at the numbers on the voting machines and make sure they match the number of ballots in the ballot box.


If you can’t do arithmetic or qualify to be a polling agent, your children can help you by going to university or training colleges and sitting in on the election. On election day, they can help you win the election.


He said that vigilance is important in order to win the upcoming general election in 2024.


The people of Ghana are eagerly waiting for the NDC to take power.

If you’re very attentive, NDC will win the 2024 election. They need at least 1005 votes per person to win, so be sure to stay involved.


Mahama started his campaign on Thursday in the Ho, Volta Region to run in the internal elections of the largest opposition party.

The 2020 presidential candidate for the NDC said that they will be strict about fiscal responsibility and cutting out waste and ostentation.

We will work together to build Ghana the way we want it. We will fix our financial system and start making reforms at the Bank of Ghana.

We will work to make sure that local people have a lot of input into our banking, financial, telecommunications, mining, agriculture, agribusiness and manufacturing sectors. This will help us grow the economy and create jobs for young people.

Ayisah Foster:The Punch Newspaper/Broadcastergh.com

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