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3 Foods You Eat Every day That Can Cause Kidney Problem



Cream of Wheat.

Saddled with the saturated fat of butter, you’re setting yourself up for higher risk of heart disease. Kidney illness and heart disease are linked, according to the National Kidney Foundation. Reduce your diet of saturated fats, such as those found in butter, lard, and shortening, to lessen your risk of heart and renal disease.

A carbonated beverage.

Soda contains phosphorus-containing ingredients, especially dark-colored drinks, in addition to the sugar and calories they carry.

Adding phosphorus to processed foods and drinks can improve flavor, extend shelf life, and prevent discoloration all of which are important considerations for consumers.

Phosphorus supplements are better absorbed by your body than natural, animal- or plant-based sources of phosphorus. Therefore, sodas should be avoided on a renal diet, especially black sodas.

Vegetables in a Canned Form.

Even though veggies are extremely nutritious, canned vegetables are sometimes high in sodium. Your kidneys have a tough time removing excess fluid from your bloodstream if you have too much sodium in your system. Use fresh or frozen veggies whenever possible; you can also lower the salt content of canned vegetables by rinsing them with water before cooking.

Meat and dairy products.

Meat and dairy products, which contain a lot of animal protein, might damage the kidneys because animal protein is so difficult to break down. When the kidneys are overworked, they have a hard time eliminating waste products. In some cases, high-protein diets might develop or worsen kidney disease.

Many studies have shown that eating a plant-based diet instead of an animal-based diet has numerous health benefits. Nutritional powerhouses and colorful plant foods can help avoid chronic disease.

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