3 Reasons She Is Denying You Sex That You Don’t Know



Some women love to have sexual intercourse every day so that they can be happy and release stress. But they can be a time that they can deny you sex despite their love for it. And I’m going to list the reasons that may lead your partner to deny you sex.
1…If you can’t satisfy her.
Yes, most ladies love to get satisfied during sexual intercourse. It makes them sick if they don’t get satisfied. If you are that type of man who can’t satisfy women in bed then your chance of having sex with them will be difficult. Because she will not even come closer for you to seduce her. After all, you can’t satisfy her.
2. When you are Secretly cheating.
Let me tell you one secret about women today that men who secretly cheat don’t know. Women know that their men cheat on them but they won’t talk about it and will surely pay back by denying you sex. You might always wonder why she denies you sex while you haven’t done anything wrong. The truth is she knows you are having an affair with someone outside but she won’t talk. She is going to keep it and continue playing you wicked on the bed until maybe one day she decides to open up.
3. Hairy penis.
Most women don’t like men who live their penis unshaven. They hate to see hairy penis because it makes them lose their appetite. According to studies, 89% of women around the globe hate bushy penis.

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