3P Garlic Mixture Enhances Blood Circulation-Dr Mortoti



The Director of Piwak Natural Health and Clinic Dr. Prince Nelson Mortoti has explained benefits of Piwak Natural Health Product (3P Garlic Mixture).

According to Dr. Mortoti, the Piwak Natural Health product is a healthy and organic mixture made with garlic and all the appropriate herbs in their right proportions to boost the immune system and keep you healthy at all times.

Speaking in an interview, Dr. Prince Nelson Mortoti noted that, the body undergoes several change routines daily that many people don’t see especially in the veins and arteries.

He added that, certain food substances or particles can block the arteries and prevent the free and normal flow of blood.

Dr. Mortoti disclosed that, when blood flow is blocked, the heart is under pressure to pump harder and the immune system is attacked because it doesn’t get access to the needed blood for circulation to the brains, the lungs and the heart.

This, according to him is where PIWAK Natural Health Product comes in to help reduce the pressure on the heart.

In all, PIWAK Natural Health product/herbal mixture is here to perform these functions for you.

1. To clear the veins and arteries in your system constantly of any blockages.

2. To help allow free flow of blood and proper circulation to prevent diseases in the body.

3. To improve upon the immune system of the body by giving it the boost it requires to fight and resist diseases.

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