5 places you should never take a woman on a first date



First dates are all about first impressions. If you follow these rules, a second date is guaranteed.

The venue of your first date will determine if you’ll have a good time and increase or decrease your chances of a budding relationship.

Here are five places you should never take a woman on a first date:

Never take a woman to Chicken Republic, McDonald’s, KFC, or any fast food restaurant.

Those places are for ordering takeout or getting a quick meal and are not appropriate for meeting a romantic interest for the first time.

Regardless of shared faith, a ‘first date’ at church is a no-go. You should not take a woman to church on a ‘first date’. Perhaps after you have both known each other quite well, you could take her to church, but never on a first date.

A first date should never take place at your house or hers; if not, you both will be deep inside each other’s guts, and you don’t want sex to becloud the true feelings you might be developing for each other. Intimate settings like homes can blur the lines and give the impression of seeking something physical.

Until you are certain it is a serious relationship, do not invite her to a family gathering like a wedding, birthday, or any other celebratory occasion. Early scrutiny by your family can be uncomfortable and isn’t conducive for a relaxed first-date atmosphere.

Always choose a midrange restaurant, as you don’t want to spend too much money on a first date. If you choose an expensive restaurant, you might be disappointed if the date doesn’t go as planned. Do your research on a quiet and cosy place where your date can have a conversation without breaking the bank.

Finally, ask her if she is okay with your choice, and always choose a place closer to her house than yours.

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