La Youth Chase Kpando MP …Over Land



The Coalition of La Youth (COLA) has exposed the activities of a group of people they describe as “Cabal” operating between the Lands and the Works and Housing Ministries to steal and sell La lands.

According to the Coalition, these persons are operating through the Lands Commission to sell lands either obtained by government through an acquisition or a lease from the people of La without any regard to the allodia owners.

Addressing the media, spokesperson for the group, Jeffrey Addokwei Tetteh averred that the situation puts the people of La at the mercy of those who are fraudulently acquiring these lands.

“It is also important to state how this situation has courted a lot of disrespect for our chiefs from both political players and private developers. What you see here forms part of a large parcel of land that government obtained from the people of La in 1920 for a period of 99 years. By 2020, the agreement on this land had expired. This is why the people of La built a fence wall around it and also built an office with the aim of transforming it into a stool land secretariat. However, in the wisdom of some unscrupulous persons within the lands commission, they needed to sell this land and the adjoining one to private developers.”

Jeffrey Addokwei Tetteh also indicated that the group conducted some investigations and discovered that the said land has been given illegally to one Della Sowah who happens to be the sitting Member of Parliament for the Kpando Constituency.

“We also found that the adjoining land has also been given illegally to a company known as “Triple X”. Our search at the registrar general’s department showed no record of the said “Tripple X” company.”

According to him, they got information that Madam Della Sowah was trespassing on the land and efforts were made to get her to come to the Traditional Council to meet with the chiefs.

“However, all these efforts were met with insults from the MP. To add salt to injury, Della Sowah has called the bluff of the chiefs and disregarded the chiefs and people of La.”

According to him, Hon. Della Sowah has since made attempts to commence some construction works on the land but the vigilance of the people has helped to halt those moves.

The Coalition members have thus, sent a strong warning to the Member of Parliament, Della Sowah that they would not allow her to touch their land.

“Let this notice be served to her now that for the disrespect, blatant disrespect of our chiefs, and the damage to our property and injury to our traditions, we don’t see her as morally fit to be on our land.”

“We also want to serve notice to the so-called owners of the adjoining land, “TRIPLE X” to immediately vacate to land and seek refund from whoever “sold” that land to them. That land is NOT for sale and whatever they do there would be at their own risk.”

The Group also asked all, including political players and private developers, within the Labone-Cantonments areas who claim to have purchased lands in those areas to as a matter of urgency, seek regularisation from the stool lands secretariat at the La Traditional Council.

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