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50 Million Ghana Cedis released to Controller and Accountant General Department to pay Scholarships



The National Union of Ghana Students has called on the Registrar of the scholarship Secretariat to expedite payment of scholarships to beneficiaries.

At the Scholarship secretariat on 31st October 2022, the leadership of the National Union of Ghana Students paid a working visit to the Registrar and management of the secretariat to discuss issues of delayed scholarship payment, closed scholarship portal, and amongst other issues.

Pressing among the various dialogues was the unpaid scholarships to deserving students since the last academic year. The President of the Union, Mr Dennis Appiah Larbi-Ampofo in his address established the position of such deserving students and made it known that a number of these students are on the verge of deferring their course or dropping out of school altogether. He reiterated“we acknowledge the effort of the scholarship secretariat but the education of these students on the government scholarship scheme can never be compromised especially not under my watch as the chief servant of the Union and that government must take swift measures in making sure this situation is curbed.”

He went further to state that the doors of the union are always opened for discussions that seek to put the ordinary student in a position of a safe and sound educational environment and is willing to be part of any activity that is tailored around this mission.

On the issue of the delayed payment of scholarships, The Registrar of the Scholarship Secretariat in response stated that “, the government of Nana Akuffo Addo is very committed to education and all efforts are being made to close the gap . Discussions with the Ministry of Finance are going well and some 50 million cedis have been released to the Controller and Accountant General ” he explained.

The President of the Union, Dennis Appiah Larbi -Ampofo speaking on behalf of the Union acknowledged the efforts of the government for education more accessible, he extended a hearty appreciation to the Scholarship secretariat especially the Registrar of the secretariat, Dr Kingsley Agyemang for his commitment towards his work and the support he has given Ghanaian Students studying abroad.

In his remarks, he sent forth a word of caution that, the students of the republic are holding on to their patience until payments are made yet the government should be aware that the patience of these students has a gauge.

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