6 Things Men Do When They Genuinely Love a Woman




People are difficult to decipher, especially when it comes to love, I mean, it’s hard to really tell if someone loves you for real. They can say they love you. But is it for real? Like, are they telling the truth?

Let me share with you my seven ultimate litmus test that will help you to decipher if a man genuinely loves you and want to see his relationship with you grow, as opposed to a man who just wants to have fun and moves on to the next lady.

1. He “displays you” in public

If a man wants you to be his secret or is doggy and not willing to “display you” in public, it means he does not genuinely love you and should be a flag. Never be any man’s secret, except if you are not interested in a relationship.

A man who genuinely loves a woman brings her into his inner circle to meet his friends, family, and every important person in his life. So, if you’re with someone who cannot do that, it’s a red flag and you should stay away from that person.

2. He Makes Sacrifices

Is your man ready to make sacrifices to ensure your happiness? Love is all about compromise, and a man who genuinely loves you will willingly bend over backward whenever necessary to accommodate you and do more to make and see you happy. However, it’s important also to state that making sacrifices does not mean compromising your values.

3. He cares about your loved ones.

When a man loves you, he puts in a lot of effort to make sure that your family and the things that bother you become things that bother him.

I’m not saying that when you come together as a couple, you need to mind everybody else’s business.

4. He accepts the rhythm of your life.

We all have a rhythm, a flow, and a way of doing things, and if a man genuinely loves you, he will try to fit into your rhythm or find a nice rhythm where both of you can thrive. For instance, if she likes to go to the gym before work, you could say, hey, babe, I’ll meet you up at the gym, and then we can do this together before our day starts.

5. He is proud of your accomplishments.

A man who genuinely loves you becomes your biggest fan and supporter. Indeed, he will fight and argue with anybody else who tries to bring you down. He will celebrate your little wins and encourage you to do better.

There’s nothing like having a supportive partner who cherishes your accomplishment and makes you feel like you are the best thing that ever happened to him.

6. He listens to you with attention.

Now, I know a lot of women are guilty of talking too much, notwithstanding if a man genuinely loves you he will pay attention even if what you are saying, does not make sense.

So if you find a man who’s attentive to your needs, you just may have found a keeper. Now, if your man does these seven things, then he genuinely loves you and he’s a keeper. So go ahead and take this relationship to the next level.

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