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7 Secrets To Reduce Wrinkles And Have Smooth Skin In Old Age.


Living longer with young, fresh skin is the desire of some people, but not many of us know the secret to achieving this. There are things you need to adapt to, change, and avoid if you want your skin to stay fresh in old age.

According to WebMD, the following are essential things you should do to reduce wrinkles on your skin:

1. Stop lying on your side whenever you sleep. When you sleep on your side, it creates some lines on your chin and cheeks, which makes them wrinkle because this line doesn’t always fade away after waking up.



Sleeping with your face down will also make your forehead wrinkle, so the best sleeping position is lying on your back.


. Avoid spending too much time in the sun after 10 a.m. because the radiation from the sun can cause skin damage, especially in older people.

3. Consume omega-3 fatty acid and protein-rich foods regularly; they provide nourishment in your body that keeps your skin healthy, firm, and youthful by reducing wrinkles.



4. Be mindful of your facial expressions and stop frowning, squeezing, or squinting your face. Whatever facial expression you get accustomed to will eventually put pressure on the muscles of your face and define your outward appearance. This appearance will eventually cause a wrinkled face. Make sure you open your eyes wide and always look bright. If the brightness of the sun is not allowing you to see, use a sunshade.

This can also shield the skin close to your eyes against sunburn, and you won’t need to squint your face just because you want to see clearly.



5. Don’t wash your face excessively because this will deprive your face of the oil that should act as a protective cover for your face in fighting wrinkles.

6. Drink soy milk or use soybeans in your cooking. It is said to contain nutrients that help protect our skin against sunburn and improve our skin texture.

7. Use a body cream containing vitamin C agents. This will boost the level of collagen produced by your skin and fight against ultraviolet radiation, skin redness, and skin blemishes.

This will reduce the risk of having your skin wrinkled in old age. Before buying your body cream, you can check the list of ingredients written on it to be sure you are buying the one that contains vitamin C. However, some cream producers might write ascorbyl palmitate on it instead of vitamin C.

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